The Photographer

Hi there! I'm Alyssa, thank you for stopping by!

I have been a photographer since 2019. After having my son and daughter It became apparent just how expensive it was to invest in professional photos. As a result, I went out, bought a camera and have been rocking this whole thing for the past five years. My main goal is to make my work as budget friendly as possible; so that everyone can experience a professional photo session.

A few fun things about me;

I was born in El Paso, TX.

I've lived in various parts of New York, Texas and Germany because of my father's service in the military.

I have my associate in criminal justice and hope to use it for a career in law enforcement.

I am a mom of five-year-old twins- Emma & Noah.

I am a HUGE bookworm and a giant adrenaline junky.

I can't wait to get to know you!